About Us

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FirstRecords began service December 15, 2000 in Charlotte NC. We are a privately held, debt free, independent company that provides an online solution for Employers, TPAs, Agent/Brokers and Carriers.

Regulatory compliance, training, 24/7 online accessibility and strict data security are the base tenants of our services.

We now support thousands of locations for employers with 25 to 150,000 employees. They plant seeds or provide food services, they deliver babies or care for the elderly. They make things work and help you play.

We provide a strong accountability to our customers because we developed and maintain the application and support our subscribers directly. We are proud of our system reliability and customer support reputation.


Data integrity, security and accessibility are fundamentals at the regulatory compliance level. At FirstRecords, we aim to provide online recordkeeping for the employer of any size, specializing in workplace incident reports.

We continue to expand our recordkeeping services through powerful Learning Management and Content management systems that deliver and track online training and collaboration services.