Here are some common questions asks by customers and representatives unfamiliar to the system.

    • How do I sign up?
      You can complete an order form available on this website. The forms can be found under the “Contact” tab.You may request a formal quotation first or go directly to the order forms. Quotations for each service can be found by selecting “Contact” – Request Quote. Order forms for each service can be found by selecting  “Contact” – Order Service.
    • Is this service free?
      Each of these services has a different fee. If you are subscribing through a Partner your  Rep will help you determine which services are important to you and what pricing options are available.
    • Do I lose my data if I change carriers or TPA’s?
      No, The data belongs to you. You can export it in a variety of file formats if you choose to cancel the services. If you change carriers or TPA’s you may continue the service by subscribing directly with FirstRecords.
    • Do the Claims Agents have access to all of my incident records?
      No, the claims services only gets a first report of injury whenever you “Transmit” it with our Transmit function. Likewise, no records get included on the OSHA 300 log unless you mark them as “Recordable.
    • Do I see prior incident data from before I enrolled in FROL?
      No, no past incident data is uploaded to your account. You may, however, enter past data yourself. This is done often to bring records into the database from January 1, for OSHA logs.
    • How long does it take to learn how to use FirstReport Online?
      For Users that enter data and run reports the training time is usually less than 30 minutes. We provide online videos that a user can access anytime. They total about 25 minutes. Training for the Admin. Users may take a little longer because there are more options available to learn.
    • How long does setup of my FROL or FirstRePortal account take?
      FirstReport Online can be ready in one business day. If additional assistance is requested, three to four days may be necessary to complete the setup. FirstRePortal has similar initial setup times but may require longer to roll out because of it’s extensive capabilities.
    • What resources do I need to use this service?
      All services require reliable internet access.FirstRePortal is browser independent. FirstReport Online requires MS IE browsers, BUT our new release of FROL 3.0 is browser independent. TrainFirst 360Safety Industry courses are browser independent. Mastery Safety Courses require MS IE browsers
    • Can I upload my own courses and materials to my FirstRePortal LMS?
      Absolutely! Your content will always be the best and most effective because it is specific to your operation.Upload video’s, PowerPoint files, PDF’s, audio files, documents, tests, and automatically deliver and track views and course completions.
    • Can my employees take the TrainFirst training off-site?
      Yes, the system requirements are the same anywhere and not restricted to the workplace. You provide them with the URL web address and a unique UserID and Password.